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May Favorites 2018! My current beauty, skincare and fitness items wooohoooo ily

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My skincare: Tula | use code ‘WHITNEY’ for 20% off and free shipping on order of $50 and more!

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Adidas Arkyn | I can’t find the same color BUT they have a new cream I’m also dying for and their previous colors toooooo

Best shoe organizer EVERRRRR
18 pieces quite a bit more pricey than I recall I do apologize and 6 piece here

Solving all your resistance band worries


Tula Aqua Infusion Power Liquid and Aqua Infusion Gel Cream
Use code: WHITNEY for 20% off and free shipping on order of $50 and more

Self tanner not for experts also experts anyone just saying you don’t need to be an expert to use it lol so good

Alani Nu pre-workout

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